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Cardiac Digital Holter Monitor System Rental

Cardiac Digital Holter Monitor System Rental

Rent a complete system for running 24 hour cardiac holter ECG on your dog

Availability: According to rental schedule

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Screen your dog for cardiomyopathy. Many breeders use this system to screen breeding dogs. The system is also available to veterinarians and pet dog owners who want to run a lengthy EKG to determine if a dog’s symptoms are related to cardiomyopathy.

Alba Cardiac Holter Kit for canine

Holter Kit Contents:
1 Digital Alba Canine Cardiac Monitor with 5 leads attached
Monitor Case with Velcro attachment
SD Cards
Complete Instructions with photos
Please note that the Transmission CD in the picture is no longer used and not provided. (Transmission is now done online via USB SD Card).

THREE VEST SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM. Note that chest measurement is more relevant than body weight, as the vests must fit snugly. They are quite adjustable but not past the measurements listed:

1 size M DogLeggs BreathePrene Silvertec K9 holter vest and belt with Velcro closure
(typically for dogs 30-55 pounds, 25″-27″ chest girth)

1 size ML DogLeggs BreathePrene Silvertec K9 holter vest and belt with Velcro closure (typically for dogs 40-80 pounds, 28″-34″ chest girth)

1 size XL Custom vest and belt with velcro closures (typically for dogs with chest girth more than 35″, dogs 80 pounds and above)

Please choose the vest size above when ordering. These are the only sizes available, but they are very adjustable. If your dog falls between those sizes, you’re probably best with the larger one.

Hook-Up Kits are available separately. Order as many as needed. One for each dog:
1 roll Elastikon or equivalent tape
Skin Wipes
Battery for Holter

PLEASE READ THE FAQs and ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BEFORE PLACING ORDER OR CALLING. This is a very busy system in high demand. We cannot field all the calls that are coming in for details or chase down orders that come in without the deposit or rental agreement. Do not put in an order without contacting us first. We want to have a conversation with you before approving your rental. If you put in an order without contacting us, and the rental is not approved, we will withhold credit card fees that are charged to us when we refund your money.

We have been running 24 hour holters (ECGโ€™s) on our boxers for many decades every year, allowing me to be fairly certain that there is no cardiomyopathy in our breeding program. For many years, we have paid the $400-$500 fee to run the 24 hour holter and have it interpreted. Occasionally, after taking our dog to be hooked up, returning home for the 24 hour period, going back in to have it all removed and sent in for interpretation, we found out that the holter needed to be hooked up and run again due to faulty hookup which causes artifacts in the data produced.

We invested in a top-of-the-line digital Alba monitoring system, a great vest in several sizes for smaller, medium, and larger sized dogs, and learned from cardiologists how to properly do the hook-up and which electrodes and tape work best.

We use this equipment to holter our own dogs each year. However, it is not in use most of the year and we wish to offer it to other breeders/dog owners who would like to screen their dogs. The system has been in extremely high demand. We have purchased 2 complete systems now to help with all the people who have sick dogs and dogs needing screening before breeding.

We put together a package that contains most everything a person needs to hook up a cardiac holter on a dog’ down to the proper electrodes, skin wipes and tape. The only thing you might need is a shaver and some Gold Bond powder. If you are running a holter on a senior or a dog with sensitive skin, please purchase a bottle of Unisolve (Amazon) to make the electrodes easier to remove. We send packets, but they aren’t enough for dogs with sensitive skin.